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How to Get Easy Work from Home Gigs

To get easy work-from-home gigs, you need to identify your current skills, establish your needs (wages, flexibility, management), look for opportunities that fit your situation, and bridge the financial gap with loans. Keep reading to explore the importance of each of these steps. Taking your time to find a work-from-home gig that fits perfectly will improve your mood and potentially benefit your finances, so make sure you do not rush through any of these steps.

Here's How To Get Easy Work From Home Gigs

1. Identify Your Current Skills

The skills that you already have, influence the type of work-from-home jobs you look at and what is considered “easy” for you. While these include any education or previous experience you may have, these aren’t the only areas to look at.

You might have:

  • Project management skills from school or volunteer work
  • Leadership skills from clubs or organizations
  • Communication skills from public speaking or writing
  • Budgeting and money management skills from handling finances at home

Understanding your marketable skills helps you hone in on the right opportunities.

2. Establish What You Need The Most

The next step is to determine what you are looking for and need from a work-from-home gig. The most common areas to evaluate include:

  • Your wages
  • The flexibility of your schedule
  • What the management structure looks like

Finding jobs that fit within these criteria guarantees you better satisfaction with your work-from-home gig, and you’ll be less likely to burn out or enter conflict in that environment.


Start by looking at what different gigs offer on average. This helps you weed out any jobs that are insufficient for your financial needs. You should also look at what the pay schedule looks like, and whether that works with your current or future expectations. There are ways to work around waiting a few weeks for a paycheck, but you need to make sure you can work with certain pay periods.

Some work-from-home gigs allow you to set the prices, but you need to determine what is acceptable depending on your experience, skills, and the type of work you produce.

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Another advantage of work-from-home gigs is flexibility. You’ll have to consider the following:

  • Scheduling
  • Work criteria
  • Methods for completing work

Make sure that you understand your expectations for flexibility so you can match them with the right opportunities.


The work-from-home gigs range from remote work to freelancing to owning your own business. These have different management structures. If you just want something to simulate the corporate structure without putting too much weight on yourself, remote opportunities from an established business can do that.

Freelance work lets you act as your own boss, but you will need to cooperate with the schedules and demands of your clients. You can control who you take on as a client to weed out contracts you don’t agree with. Owning your own business allows you the most freedom, but it takes the most work upfront. It may not be an “easy” gig once you get to structuring your business and paying taxes.

3. Look For Opportunities That Suit Your Situation

Once you’ve laid the groundwork for what you want in a work-from-home gig, you can start looking up opportunities that meet your criteria. The criteria let you determine what your definition of “easy” is, and it helps you land in a position that feels right for you.

If you’re looking for remote work, check with the companies you feel you would work well with to see if they have remote positions available. Sites like Indeed and LinkedIn allow you to narrow your search to remote work.

Freelancers can look for opportunities on freelancing sites like Fiverr or Upwork. There may be other sites better suited to your industry, so keep an eye out for these opportunities. If you would like to work from home without working on a computer from home, look for service opportunities such as:

  • Pet sitting/dog walking
  • Babysitting
  • House sitting
  • Renting out a room
  • Tutoring
  • Music lessons

Make sure you understand what it will take to transition from your current job to a work-from-home gig.

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Bridging The Financial Gap With Loans

While an ideal situation involves a work-from-home gig with no upstart costs, you can still be on the hook for expenses such as:

  • Equipment (computer, peripherals, tablet)
  • Software
  • Covering bills until your first check

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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