Title Loan FAQs

FAQs About Our Online Title Loans &
The Car Title Loan Process

What is an auto title loan?

Car title loans can be a great way to leverage the value that's in your paid off car and get access to cash for short term cash needs, unexpected bills or other emergencies. Instead of using credit your using the value of your vehicle as collateral for the loan.

Why should I get my auto title loan from At Home Title Loans?

Convenience: 100% Online or Over the Phone Application Process.
Privacy: No store visits! We Come to you! Our mobile loan specialists deliver your loan documents to your home or anywhere you want us to meet you.
Speed: Get Your Money Deposited Directly Into Your Bank Account.

How long does a typical online car title loan take?

It only takes a couple of minutes to apply for a title loan either online or over the phone. Once your application has been approved we'll schedule a time to meet you with loan documents and you could have your money deposited in your bank account as soon as the next day.

What do I need to get approved for an auto title loan from you?

You need to have a clear vehicle title and the ability to pay back your loan.

Do I need to have good credit to get approved for an auto title loan?

No, we don't do credit checks! The value of your vehicle and your ability to re-pay your loan are the key factors in us approving your online title loan.

What if I don't own the title of my vehicle?

If you are only a few payments away from paying off your vehicle with a bank or finance company or if you already have a title loan with another company we can often times pay off your loan for you and get you some extra cash as well.

Do I get to keep my car during the auto title loan?

Absolutely! We know how important your car is to you.

What happens if I miss a car title loan payment?

If you miss a title loan payment, we will make every effort to work with you. Your vehicle has been placed, by you, as security for the loan. Should you default on the title loan, the vehicle will become the property of the lender.

Do you make a set of keys or put a tracking device on my car?

We never require a second set of keys or put a tracking device on your car. We're interested in loaning you the money you need and helping you to pay off your loan, not in repossessing your car.

What kinds of fees are there to do a car title loan?

There are no fees associated with getting an auto title loan in Arizona.

When is my first car title loan payment due?

Your loan repayments start 30 days after the loan has been made to you.

If I pay down the principal, how is the interest figured?

With At Home Title Loans title loans you only pay interest on the amount of principal left on the title loan. This saves you money as you pay down the car title loan.

What is the car title loan term? How do I pay it back?

You call the shots! How do you want to pay back your title loan? We provide our customers the ability to choose from various repayment options.

Do you charge anything to see if I qualify for the title loan?

No, we will not charge any fees to see if you qualify for a car title loan.

How much does my car have to be worth to get a title loan?

Generally a vehicle should have a minimum current wholesale value of $1000 to qualify for a title loan. At Home Title Loans does not charge anything to find out how much your car is worth. We take into consideration such things as year, make, model, and vehicle condition.

Do I need to be currently employed to get a car title loan?

No, as long as you have a source of income that will let you repay your title loan. Also poor credit does not make a difference to us because our title loan is a "no credit check" car title loan.

Can I be on disability or retirement?

Yes, as long as you can show that you have the ability to repay your car title loan.

How much money can I borrow?

You can borrow as little as $1000 and as much as $10,000. Our car title loans are based on the value of your vehicle, not your credit score.

What is the minimum monthly payment on my car title loan?

Every month you have to pay at least the interest due on your title loan. Anything you pay over that is deducted from the principal of your loan.

How do I repay my auto title loan?

We offer 3 easy ways to repay your online auto title loan. You can setup automatic payments from your bank account, you can pay online using a credit or debit card or you can pay over the phone using a credit or debit card.

How much does it cost to get a car title loan?

We do not charge anything for you to apply for a title loan and you can even apply for a car title loan online. In the off chance your application is not approved, you will pay nothing. If you decide not to take the loan after your application is approved, you are not charged anything. We'll be glad to answer any of your questions before you sign the car title loan documents.

If I qualify will I be approved immediately for my cash?

Yes, once we receive your application and speak with you on the phone your application is generally approved in a matter of minutes.

Do I need an Arizona Certificate of Title?

Yes, the vehicle needs to have an Arizona car title. However, converting an out of state car title to an AZ title is not difficult. Give us a call at 623.266.9163 and we can help you.

How do you issue my funds from the car title loan?

We deposit funds via ACH transfer directly into your bank account.

How and when do I get my vehicle title back?

When you complete your car title loan by paying it off, we will return your car title to you. Until that time we store it in a completely secure location.

Is my personal information secure?

The security of your information is very important to At Home Title Loans. To protect the transmission of your information we use state-of-the-art Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 256-bit encryption.

How do I apply for a loan?

There are 2 ways you can apply for an At Home Title Loan online title loan:
» Fill in our car title loans online application
» Call one of our friendly staff at 623.266.9163

What is the cost of credit?

Our interest rates vary based on the state you are in and the terms that are agreed to. Our annual interest rates range from 60% to 210% APR. Example finance charge: On a typical 30 day auto title loan at an APR of 108%, the finance charge would be $9 per $100 borrowed.

What documentation will I need to have ready for my car title loan?

» A clear Arizona vehicle title
» Government issued identification
» Proof of address
» Copy of your driver's license
» Proof of income
» Proof of insurance
» Proof of vehicle registration
If you have a co-signer car title loan, we'll need an application from him or her as well as a copy of his or her driver's license, proof of residence, and proof of income.


Disclosure: This is a solicitation for a title loan. This is not a guaranteed offer and is subject to At Home Title Loans client approval. Actual loan amount subject to vehicle evaluation at inspection and complete and approved application. Certain limitations apply. All loans subject to customer's ability to repay. Some title loans subject to liberal credit policies and limitations, if any. This site is affiliated with one or more licensed lenders referenced herein. In Arizona: Title loans offered by Southwest Finance, LLC will be made or arranged under the Arizona Division of Financial Institutions License Number 0906948.

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