setting new year resolutions to save for travel

Start Planning For Your Next Vacation By Setting These New Year Resolutions

You can start planning your next vacation using New Year resolutions and financial help from At Home Title Loans! Make yourself vacation-ready while still growing as a person using resolutions that’ll teach you plenty just in time for your holiday.

This guide will show you 5 New Year resolutions to help you plan and prepare for your next vacation!

New Year Resolutions For Your Next Vacation

There’s no need to wait until the last minute to plan your next vacation. Instead, you can make it a once-in-a-lifetime trip by tailoring your New Year resolutions to prepare for it!

start planning for your vacation by setting new year resolutions

Here are 5 New Year resolutions you can adopt to help you plan your next vacation thoroughly:

1. Spend Less, Save More

The first New Year resolution you can set to prepare for your next vacation is straightforward: spend less and save more. In other words, you can aim to reduce your overall expenses while increasing your savings rate.

First, start by preparing a clear budget to identify all your expenses. Then, look at the ones that you can live without.

For example, you can eat out less often and save that money toward your next vacation!

2. Learn The Local Language

Many people resolve to learn a new language around the New Year. You can do the same by choosing the local language for your vacation destination!

Doing so will turn your future vacation into motivation, keeping you focused on your language learning.

Your vacation will then be an opportunity to immerse yourself in the language.

Best of all, the language will stick with you even after you return!

3. Study The Destination

Another helpful New Year resolution is to study your destination long before you ever get there. There’s lots for you to cover, including things like:

  • The local culture that you’ll immerse yourself in.
  • Local delicacies you’ll want to eat.
  • The currency you’ll be using while there.
  • The destination’s geography also determines the activities you’ll enjoy.
  • Transportation systems you’ll need to use to get in and around the destination.
  • And more!

There are many ways to study the destination, even if you’re on the other side of the world. 

For example, you can watch free travel videos on YouTube to learn more about the place before you get there.

4. Get In Shape

Ever wanted to lose weight and get in shape for the New Year? Now you have a solid reason to do so!

Your vacation will keep you focused and motivated while giving you a solid deadline for your financial goals.

Plus, getting in shape and building stamina ensures you’ll have lots of energy to explore your destination.

5. Prepare For Financial Emergencies

Here’s another crucial New Year resolution that people often overlook: getting and staying prepared for financial emergencies that might occur in the meantime.

Your vacation is likely still a long time away, giving you plenty of time to prepare. However, a costly financial emergency can jeopardize your carefully laid plans if you’re not careful.

For example, a medical emergency could leave you with an expensive bill you must pay using your vacation funds.

saving for a vacation in the new year

Thankfully, you can prevent that from happening using these two options:

  • Emergency fund: Set up an emergency fund to help absorb surprise costs. Build it by setting aside a small percentage of your monthly income, and let it grow continuously. The money in that fund will help you solve or reduce whatever financial hurdle you experience.
  • Emergency borrowing: Some emergencies will cost more than what you have in your emergency fund. So, you must have a way to borrow emergency money quickly with as little fuss as possible.

One way to borrow money in an emergency is to get a title loan. If you own a car, you can use the lien-free title as collateral to borrow up to $15,000.

The amount you’ll qualify to borrow depends on your car’s value. That’s why a friendly representative must inspect it to determine how much you can borrow.

Don’t worry, though! You can keep your car after that inspection is completed. Your vehicle title is used to secure the loan, not the vehicle itself. Besides the vehicle and the lien-free title, you must also have your driver’s license or another state-issued ID to get one of these loans.

Borrowing emergency money could help you resolve your emergency quickly and keep your vacation plans on track!

Get Emergency Funds Now!

Make next year your best one yet by setting New Year resolutions that prepare you for your next vacation. The 5 examples you discovered here will go a long way toward making you vacation-ready!

If any financial emergencies threaten those plans, contact At Home Title Loans for help getting a title loan. Take the first step anytime by submitting the secure inquiry form with your details so you can be connected to a loan specialist who will call you soon after!

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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