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The New Year Money Saving Challenge People Are Doing This Year

The top five new year money-saving challenges that everyone is doing this year are as follows:

  1. The Monday to Friday Savings Challenge
  2. The Bingo New Year Money Saving Challenge
  3. The 52-Week Savings Challenge
  4. The $1 Bill Savings Challenge
  5. The Weather Savings Challenge

To learn more about these savings challenges and what to do in a financial crisis, continue reading.

New Year Money Saving Challenge: The Top 5 To Try This Year

1. The Monday to Friday Savings Challenge

The first new year money-saving challenge operates between Monday to Friday every week of the year. It works as follows:

  • Monday — $1 in savings
  • Tuesday — $2 in savings
  • Wednesday — $3 in savings
  • Thursday — $4 in savings
  • Friday — $5 in savings

You don't save anything on Saturday or Sunday and begin again next week. Doing this every week of the year saves you $780!

2. The Bingo New Year Money Saving Challenge

The bingo savings challenge has you checking off one cash value on a bingo card every week. There are hundreds of templates online to use, but the general idea is that it needs to have 52 boxes. Depending on the template you use, the cash amounts range from $1 to $52, allowing you to save up to $1,378 by the end of the year. It's a great challenge for those with fluctuating paychecks as you can save the larger amounts for the times you're feeling flush.

Customize it if you can't find a bingo savings challenge to suit you! Change the cash amounts to better fit into your lifestyle. Just note that the final total may decrease if you reduce the amounts.

3. The 52-Week Savings Challenge

If you were searching for the most popular new year money-saving challenge, you've found it with number three on our list. You will save $1,378 by the end of the year if you're strict with this challenge. It works like this:

  • Week one — $1 into savings
  • Week two — $2 into savings
  • Week three — $3 into savings
  • Week four — $4 into savings
  • Week five — $5 into savings

Every week of the year, you add one dollar to the total amount, and at the end, you've saved over $1,000!

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4. The $1 Bill New Year Money Saving Challenge

With this new year money-saving challenge, you're doing exactly what the name suggests — every time you receive a $1 bill, you put it in a jar or envelope.

At the end of the year, count it out and spend it on something fun. After all, you deserve it once you've managed to save money for 365 days!

5. The Weather Savings Challenge

The final challenge is perhaps the most entertaining. It's super random and makes saving enjoyable. Once a week, you transfer money into your savings of the amount equal to the highest temperature of the week. Of course, this challenge is much easier if you live in a milder climate!

If putting money away every week isn't your style, you can deposit once a month by looking back at the highest temperature of the last 30 days. Once you find the value, multiply it by four and deposit that value.

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