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Feeling Tired? Here’s How to Have More Energy in the Morning

Feeling tired in the morning is a pretty common thing for people these days. We spend most of our days with gadgets that suck out our energy and deprive us of the sleep hormone, which results in going to bed late and having difficulty waking up in the morning.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. There are things you can do to increase your energy level and stay in high spirits throughout the day.

So, if you’d like to know how to have more energy in the morning, keep on reading this article.

Stop Using the Snooze Button

Sure, it might be easier said than done, as you don’t want to miss the right time and be late for work. But the snooze way won't help you start your day energetically. Instead, it will keep waking you up during your REM states which will increase drowsiness, reduce reaction time, and overall, make you feel lousy.

So, we thought we'd give you some tips to help you conquer that "please let me hit the snooze button" feeling.

  1. Move your alarm somewhere inconvenient — Placing your clock or phone in a place that forces you to get out of bed and turn it off, you're less likely to get back into bed and fall asleep. Your body will already be awake.
  2. Get moving around — Whether you do a set of jumping jacks or turn the music on and start dancing around, - anything will help to make your body feel alive as long as you’re moving.
  3. Use other senses for waking up — Sound is not the only way to awake you. There are other ways as well. For example, try a "wake up light". It is designed to mimic dawn, so your brain wakes up naturally.
  4. Go to bed early — Don't force your body to stay awake when it’s time for sleep. Your body will surely pay you back in a good mood in the morning.

Learn to Enjoy Waking Up in the Morning

Sure, having a good sleeping experience is essential, but a good waking up experience is just as important. Here are a few ideas on how to have more energy in the morning and enjoy your waking-up routine:

  1. Think of a new day as the opportunity to make something you enjoy doing, like meeting with someone you like, doing your hobby, going shopping, etc.
  2. Let the light in. Natural sunlight helps the body synchronize with day/night cycles and makes us feel better.
  3. Give away your gadgets. The mind is not used to processing the amounts of information that we get by chatting with our friends, reading news, or just surfing the web. It results in late going to bed and feeling tired in the morning. You’ll feel much calmer without any gadgets in your room.
  4. Take a cold shower or splash cold water on your face. This will give you some morning freshness and make you feel more energetic.

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