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8 Best Ways To Enjoy The Holidays And Save Money

Year after year we spend more on holidays than we can afford. Needless to say, it’s unsurprising that “holidays save money” is one of the most googled phrases when the season rolls around. If you’ve been brought here because you’ve been searching how you can save money around holidays, then we’ve got 8 ways you can avoid unnecessary expenses this year.

Here's How You Can Save Money Around Holidays

1. Get Out Of Unwanted Social Interactions

Nobody wants to admit it, but a lion’s share of holiday expenses comes from having to participate in social interactions we don’t want to be a part of but feel obliged to. Start saying “no” to invitations that “don’t spark joy”, so to speak. And you’ll find a large portion of what’s forcing you to google “holidays save money” gone.

2. Declutter

Cleaning up during the holidays may not sound fun, but you’ll find the result enjoyable for two reasons if nothing less:

a) you can significantly cut down on gift-buying by repurposing stuff you have lying around but haven’t been using (clothes, books, jewelry, makeup, gift cards, etc.);

b) if none of it works as gifts for your loved ones, you can put it up for sale online and make extra cash.

3. Take Advantage Of Free Events

Can holidays save money? This shouldn’t even be a question if we’re honest in this day and age, considering how many free events there are to take advantage of.

Sure, it may not be exactly what you want, but sometimes what we might get is exactly what we need if we let go of what we want. Be spontaneous and involve your friends. You might enjoy yourself more than you anticipated. And if not, it was free, so what did you lose? And you can try out another free event tomorrow!

4. Sleep More

You don’t spend money when you sleep, so it’s the best holidays save money strategy all around! But jokes aside, healthy sleeping patterns have been proven with time and again to 1) decrease stress; 2) improve cognitive and thinking abilities.

You’re much more likely to make hasty decisions and overspend while running low on sleep with your holiday-rush-induced stress level going through the roof. Before making any financial decisions, make sure you’ve gotten a good night’s sleep. You’re much more likely to make smart financial decisions AND enjoy yourself when well-rested.

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5. Try A Minimalist Approach

Skip decorations and large affairs this year. Instead, stick to a small dinner with several dishes you know your immediate family enjoys. No money spending on new decorations, no money spending on food that’s likely to go to waste, and no unnecessary stress – ergo minimalist holidays save money strategy!

6. Skip Shopping (Outside Necessary Expenses)

Shopping is usually the biggest stressor during holidays. Especially, if you don’t particularly enjoy the process. Try to do all your Christmas shopping quickly, stick to the pre-planned shopping list, and don’t pay attention to deals and sales on things you don’t need.

7. Try To Share Expenses With Friends Or Family Members

If you’re the type of person who thrives on social interactions and big parties and family dinners are what makes holidays enjoyable to you, then try to share financial burdens with your loved ones. For example, instead of hosting a dinner party, you can plan a potluck with people you want to celebrate with, so each of you is responsible for one dish and one bottle of booze. Or you can each bulk-buy something you need for holidays to save on overall costs – and then do a little exchange.

8. Prioritize Yourself

In the end, the best way to enjoy the holidays AND cut down on spending is to concentrate on things you enjoy and cut the expenses that you feel forced to make. If something makes you unhappy during the holidays – do your best to cut it out.

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Cutting holiday expenses to save money is a challenging task, especially is you are used to spending a lot on gifts and decorations. Yet, the task isn’t impossible, and our tips on how to spend less and save more are sure to help you achieve your goal.

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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