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Budget Travel Tips for Your Summer Road Trip

When summer arrives it’s a magical time, and nothing says fun like a road trip with your best friends and good tunes. These trips are great, but you do have to keep a close watch on your wallet if you don’t want to end up stranded far away from home. Thankfully, we’ve got a few budget travel tips that can help to keep the good times (and your vehicle) rolling.

Let’s look at some of the best budget travel tips for your summer road trip!

Top 5 Budget Travel Tips

1. Make a Budget before You Go

The king of budget travel tips is unpopular but it’s true. You need to make at least a rudimentary budget. We’re not talking about planning everything to the last dollar, in fact, the approximation is better, but budget more than you think you will need. Then be mindful about your spending and ‘cut corners’ during your trip.

Before you know it, you’ll be coming home with more than you expected in savings, and that’s always a bonus.

2. Bring a Power Bank with You

Budget travel tips abound, but here’s one you might not have thought about. Power banks can store energy for charging up your phones and that can be invaluable in an emergency. If you have two, it’s even better, since you can stick one in the glove compartment so that your friends don’t accidentally use up the emergency power.

Also, you won’t have to worry about buying a second lunch somewhere to charge your phone!

3. Pick out Your Playlist in Advance

Another great budget travel tip is to pick out your playlist in advance. You never think this will happen but ask yourself if this seems familiar. You didn’t bring enough music or the local radio stations in a new town aren’t your kind of music. So, you make a side trip and buy some more CDs or a USB drive to copy some tunes from your laptop.

Solve this problem by making a playlist that everyone can agree on in advance or having everyone take turns with their own USB drives. Less impulse buys mean more money for your trip!

4. Tell Your Bank That You Are Road-Tripping

An excellent example of wise budget travel tips is this – tell your bank when you’ll be road-tripping. Banks often shut down debit cards if it looks like charges are popping up in numerous different locations and if they don’t know you’re on a road-trip, then you could find yourself suddenly broke.

If we have to pick one of the budget travel tips to really pay attention to, this one is number one.

5. Podcasts Really Pass the Time

Podcast radios are a good investment for road trips so the next of our budget travel tips is to invest in a Sirius radio or an alternative service to give yourself access to podcasts. These programs are a good break from radio and a great way to pass the time and to avoid making too many stops, simply out of boredom.

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