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5 New Year's Eve Traditions To Try For A Great New Year

Most of us know better than to believe in whimsical New Year’s Eve superstitions, but at the same time, we do jump on the old bandwagon, because who knows? We could do with some good luck for our finances.

While we’re making our practical resolutions and planning ahead for this new financial year, there’s no harm in being a bit imaginative and sprinkle in some traditions for good luck!

There are many New Year’s Eve traditions for bringing wealth that people practice in different parts of the world. Here are 5 of the most popular ones – if you’re wishing for some extra good fortune and godsend.

1. Cooking Hoppin’ John

Hoppin’ John (another name for Carolina peas and rice) is a dish popular in Southern America, especially on New Year’s Eve. People who go by this tradition cook black-eyed peas on New Year’s Eve to bring prosperity to their home.

They are usually cooked with rice and alongside some greens like collard. The peas symbolize coins, and the greens are symbolic for the color of currency notes!

2. Money in Your Wallet

Another way to increase the likelihood of having money in your wallet next year is to have money in it now! Romanians believe that you start your new year like you end the old one.

So, if you make sure your wallets and pockets and every money-holding nook in your house are filled with money on New Year’s Eve, you can hope for some luck that the money will keep flowing in the coming year.

3. Giving Gifts on New Year’s Day

Tradition in Greece says that if you receive a gift on the first day of the New Year, the rest of the days to come will also be filled with prosperity and inflow of wealth. So, the Greeks have made it the norm to give and receive gifts on New Year’s Day.

4. Dress in Polka-Dotted Clothes

It’s hard to make sense of these traditions, but again, since polka dots are round like coins, they are also thought to be a bearer of good luck for financial prosperity. Filipinos especially like to dress in dotted clothes on New Year’s Eve.

Latin Americans also like to focus on the color of their underwear! Some wear yellow underwear on New Year’s Eve to bring good fortune, while some wear green underwear! (You’ve got the hang of the color symbolism by now, right?)

5. Open the Doors and Windows

People like to clean their house from top to bottom and then leave the windows and doors of the house open – in the hope that it will let out the old year’s negativity and blow in some freshness and good luck for the new year.

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